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First things first, if you are reading this, THANK YOU! It means the world to us that you are here. Ameliaj (uh-MEEL-yah-JAY) represents a comfortable, natural style. We strive to bring you simple, effortless clothing that encourages you to add your own style to our pieces. Our goal is to bring you options that fit many different styles and body types and we hope that you feel confident and ready to take on whatever comes your way when wearing any Ameliaj item. 

The brand launched in 2019 after a ton of google-ing, hard work, and a few tears here and there. Our founder, Lindsey Peusch, has been interested in fashion and styling since she was a little girl and had the dream of starting this brand since 2015. The name was inspired by her niece and nephew, Amelia and JJ (Justin Jr). She has her personal brand, Lindsey Peusch ( where she shares her favorite Style, Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyle content. Lindsey’s family and closest friends have been her biggest support system through this journey. We are excited to see where we go from here.